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Professional Tax Help for Dallas Taxpayers

Are you a Dallas County taxpayer experiencing IRS problems?

Do you need help with misfiled or unfiled tax returns?

Are you a local business owner in need of tax help & consulting for your business?

As a full-service tax consulting firm in Dallas County, Pure Tax Resolution offers complete tax help solutions for all your IRS compliance needs. For Dallas County individuals and businesses facing IRS problems, we provide a comprehensive suite of tax help services including IRS back tax help, tax attorney representation, IRS collection relief, IRS audit defense, plus any accounting or tax filing need.  With our team of licensed tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents, we are confident we have a solution for you, and are proud to deliver results with top-notch customer service for the hard-working residents of Dallas County.

Our firm was established in 2008 by Tim Halcomb, who spent 15 prior years working in the tax resolution industry.  Throughout his experience, he has seen the many pitfalls and shady gimmicks that prey on Dallas-areas taxpayers. Tim has built Pure Tax Resolution on a foundation of results and customer service, a refreshing alternative for Dallas individuals and businesses.  With the abundance of shady "1-800" tax help marketers in the Dallas area, we strive every day to deliver comprehensive, and effective tax help solutions with superior customer service.


Our Tax Help Specialties

IRS Back Tax Resolution

IRS back taxes continue to be the most common tax problem for Dallas County taxpayers, and can evolve into extremely hazardous issues if not addressed promptly, and properly.  With the expert tax help by our team of licensed tax attorneys, we have helped hundreds of Texas taxpayers secure affordable IRS back tax resolution plans that will reduce and settle back taxes for good.

IRS Representation by Licensed Tax Attorneys 

Your tax debt issue demands the attention of a licensed tax attorney, as only a tax attorney has the power and experience to represent your best interests with the IRS and secure an ideal tax settlement. Our team of seasoned Dallas tax attorneys are direct employees of Pure Tax Resolution, and are established tax law experts that have the ability to settle and IRS problem you may be experiencing.

Solutions to Stop Wage Garnishment & Levies

As the pinnacle of your tax problem, the IRS will eventually target you for a wage garnishment or levy if outstanding tax debt prolongs.  In this scenario, it's absolutely vital that you consult a licensed tax law professional that can stop wage garnishment or levys in their tracks. Our licensed tax professionals have helped hundreds of Texas individuals and businesses settle, and prevent IRS collections, and are prepared to do the same for you right now.

IRS Audit Representation & Defense

When the IRS red flags your tax returns, an audit will most likely be issued against you.  To properly navigate the audit and reach the ideal settlement, it's important to consult a licensed tax professional that can provide expert IRS audit defense.  With the expert representation of our licensed tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents, you will have a dedicated team on your side to settle your audit, and avoid them moving forward.

Business Tax Help & Consulting

Tax problems blindside many Dallas business owners, and in many cases it's too much for them to recover from. The key to maintaining healthy tax compliance for your business is through proactive tax planning, but for businesses in Dallas facing IRS problems like payroll tax debt, audits, or tax deduction issues, our business tax help specialists can help get your business get back in compliance, and provide ongoing bookkeeping, payroll, and consulting to help your business thrive.

Offshore Tax Help & Consulting

For the Dallas area residents with offshore investment or employment matters, we have a offshore tax attorney on staff that can handle all international tax compliance matters for you.  From FBAR/FATCA compliance, offshore asset planning, or helping you maintain proper tax filing compliance as an international employee, we have a solution for you.

Learn More About Our Tax Help Solutions in Dallas

For any IRS problem of tax consulting need in Dallas County, or dedicated team of tax help professional are available right now to find the ideal solution for you.  We provide free consultations, flat-rate fees, and top notch customer service for Dallas individuals and businesses. Contact our office to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free consultation today.


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