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Irving, TX

Our team of licensed tax attorneys & tax resolution specialists help Irving, TX taxpayers resolve IRS problems for good

For individuals or businesses in the Irving area struggling with IRS tax problems, Pure Tax Resolution is your trusted source for proven, customer-friendly tax resolution services. Comprised of Bar licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs, our team has the knowledge, skill, and unique privileges to represent local taxpayers to secure the best possible tax settlements. Our specialties cover any type of tax compliance issue, from IRS back taxes, business tax problems, non-profit tax filing, to foreign asset compliance, giving our clients peace of mind knowing their tax problem will be settled properly, without any gimmicks or fake promises.

Pure Tax Resolution was started in 2008 by Tim Halcomb, to offer a customer-friendly alternative for Irving taxpayers looking for trustworthy tax help. All of our tax attorneys are direct employees of our firm, and are ABA licensed to represent Texas taxpayers before the IRS to settle any tax issue at the federal level.

Irving TX tax resolution services

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IRS Back Tax Settlements

If you have back taxes or back tax returns that is threatening your financial well-being, there are options for relief through the help of our licensed tax professionals. We help Irving area taxpayers secure viable back tax settlement plans, including payment plans, back tax reductions, plus rectify any misfiled or late tax returns to settle your back taxes and bring you back into compliance.


Tax Penalty Abatement

With just about any tax deliquency comes accruing tax penalties and interest, which can also be negotiated and settled with the help from a licensed tax professional. In addition to pursuing a settlement plan for your back taxes, our tax attorneys can also negotiate a tax penalty settlement, aka, penalty abatement with the IRS.


Stop Wage Garnishments & Collections

The boiling point of any back tax problem is an IRS collection, typically in the form of a wage garnishment or bank levy. The IRS will target your assets for collections if you ignore your back taxes for an extended period of time. Although most taxpayers address their tax problem before this happens, many Irving area taxpayers still find themselves in the crosshairs of IRS for collections. If you are one of these individuals (or businesses) facing a wage garnishment or levy, our licensed tax attorneys have the authority to contact the IRS immediately on your behalf, suspend your collections and secure a viable plan to settle your back taxes.


IRS Audit Representation

If you are an Irving individual or business owner being targeted for an IRS audit, it's crucial to have professional IRS audit representation on your side to minimize the damage and rectify and tax filing issue. Our team of tax attorneys and CPAs represent clients to navigate any type of audit, and avoid them in the future.


Business Tax Resolution and Consulting

We work with many businesses in the Irving area to resolve business tax problems and maintain healthy compliance, including back tax filing, payroll tax compliance, 1099/W-2 classification, or any form of legal transactions that could affect a businesses tax status. Consider us a full-service resource for settling business tax problems and professional business tax consulting in the Irving area.


International Tax Compliance (FBAR, FATCA Lawyers)

Owning offshore assets like bank accounts, real estate, or any other offshore investment is subject to very specific asset reporting regulations by the U.S. Government, which can result in hefty fines and criminal charges if not handled properly. If you are an Irving area resident with offshore investments or inheritances, our international tax attorneys can help you achieve FATCA and FBAR compliance.


Non-Profit (501c3) Filing & Compliance

Our non-profit tax attorneys specialize in helping local taxpayers file 501c3 status with their organization, including preparing documentation and even grant writing. In addition, our CPAs work with existing non-profit organizations in the Irving area and all across Texas to maintain healthy bookkeeping, financials, and 501c3 compliance with the IRS.



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