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Are you an individual or business owner of the Dallas-area in need of a licensed, reliable, and experienced tax attorney professional to settle your IRS problems?

If you are an individual or business owner in the Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington area and are burdened by IRS hardships of any kind, the dedicated IRS tax attorneys at Dallas Pure Tax can provide the expert IRS help you need. Our tax attorney's top priority is to listen, understand, and represent Dallas individuals and businesses with the IRS to pursue a convenient and effective tax settlement plan.  Not only are we in business to settle complicated IRS problems for our clients, but we are dedicated to customer service, available for our clients to answer questions and to address their needs when they need us.

The Tax Attorney & Enrolled Agent Advantages:

Privileged Communications

Only tax attorneys enjoy the attorney-client privilege and thus when you retain a tax debt attorney you can be certain that your disclosures to your tax attorney and your attorney’s employees will be treated as privileged and 100% confidential. Because unresolved tax debt cases may raise criminal implications in certain cases, it is vital that you are protected by the privilege that comes with representation by a licensed tax attorney.  Our Texas clients in the Dallas area have found peace of mind having our experienced tax attorney team take care of all IRS communications for them.

Not Intimidated by the IRS

Our in-house, experienced tax attorneys will not be intimidated by the IRS. Your tax law attorney understands the tax code as well as, or better than, the IRS representatives they are dealing with, and can marshal facts in the light most favorable to your case. Further, only tax attorneys have the power to represent clients in Tax Court, and since the IRS does not generally like cases to go to Tax Court, this provides significant negotiating leverage for clients with strong tax attorney representation. Our clients can rest assure that our tax attorneys have all bases covered in any possible scenario when settling IRS back tax cases.

Expert IRS Negotiations

Tax attorneys spend years honing their craft, and an important part of a tax attorney’s craft is the art of negotiation. And, moreover, tax attorneys are skilled in negotiating with IRS representatives whose sole objective is to recover money from you.  The IRS issues countless reduced tax settlements on a daily basis, which is a direct product of the expert negotiations of a licensed tax attorney.  

Ethics & Customer Service

Unlike accountants and other tax prepareres, tax attorneys are subject to the rules of professional conduct, and subject to discipline by state Bar Associations.  In addition, any employee of Pure Tax Resolution is required to abide by our strict standards of professionalism and customer service. Therefore, when you hire our team of IRS tax attorneys to settle your IRS problems, you can be certain that you will receive frequent updates about your case and unrelenting IRS advocacy on your behalf.


Learn More About Our Tax Attorney Advantages

Our team of licensed tax attorneys are prepared to construct a customized tax resolution program for you. We offer Dallas area taxpayers an unique advantage when settling IRS problems, and look forward to discussing your needs with you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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