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"Our goal at Dallas Pure Tax Resolution is to offer taxpayers of Dallas, and all local communities a professional solution to their IRS problems. Texas individuals and businesses in the Dallas Metroplex facing IRS tax problems of any kind can now rely on a tax resolution company that delivers results with superior customer service. Our team of seasoned Tax Attorneys and CPAs offer personalized IRS help for our clients. As the President of Dallas Pure Tax, I am eager to help you out of a difficult situation. Call us at (972) 441-5538 to speak with myself directly, and I will make sure your needs will be taken care of today. We are tax help you can trust!"

Tim Halcomb ~ President of Dallas Pure Tax Resolution

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

If you are a Dallas-area taxpayer facing IRS back taxes, it's crucial you address them before they become too damaging. Our licensed tax attorneys negotiate with the IRS to secure convenient IRS back tax forgiveness plans for our Texas clients.

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Tax Attorney Representation

With the professional help from our IRS tax attorneys, the odds of settling your back taxes are in your favor. Our team of licensed IRS tax attorneys give our Dallas clients an exclusive, and legal advantage in settling IRS tax problems of any kind.

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Stop Wage Garnishment

Dallas-area taxpayers facing wage garnishments or IRS seizures of any kind must act immediately to stop wage garnishment. Our IRS tax attorneys can stop wage garnishment for Dallas individuals and businesses, usually within 24 hours.

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IRS Help for Businesses

Are you a Texas business owner facing business tax problems? We work with Dallas-area businesses to settle complicated IRS problems, and provide ongoing business tax & accounting solutions to maintain healthy tax compliance.

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Are you a Dallas-area taxpayer facing IRS tax problems?

Do you need help to stop wage garnishment or levies?

Is your business suffering from business tax problems?

If any of those questions apply to you, Dallas Pure Tax is your professional and trustworthy source for IRS help in Dallas and all surrounding areas. Nowadays, the IRS has a highly sophisticated system to identify, and collect IRS back taxes. If you are late in filing your tax returns, owe back taxes and/or received a collection letter from the IRS, it is crucial you immediately pursue tax help. Having worked with hundreds of taxpayers, we know it's incredibly stressful to owe money to a creditor as powerful as the IRS. But, you can do something today to begin settling your IRS tax problems, properly and permanently.

Dallas Pure Tax Resolution, Inc., conveniently located right here in the Dallas area, has helped hundreds of taxpayers like you not only in Dallas itself, but also Ft. Worth, Arlington and other individuals and businesses throughout the Dallas Metroplex in need of trustworthy IRS tax help.  Our team of licensed tax attorneys and tax resolution specialists understand the needs of Dallas taxpayers, and are available 24/7 for our clients when they need us.

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Our Services

Our Tax Resolution Experts Offer a Wide Range of Individual, Business, & International Tax Help for Dallas-area Residents

IRS Back Tax Settlement Programs

Our tax attorneys have the power to pursue convenient IRS back tax forgiveness plans for you, including Offer In Compromise, Currently Not Collectible, Installment Plans, plus many other IRS back tax settlement options designed to reduce and settle your back taxes for good.

IRS Representation by Licensed Tax Attorneys

Our Dallas clients have a distinct advantage in settling the complicated IRS problems with the help of our licensed taw law experts. Our licensed Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents are seasoned experts in understanding the U.S. tax codes and applying them in favor of our Texas clients.

Tax Audit Representation

Many Dallas individuals and businesses face IRS audits of some kind, and not having the proper representation can be detrimental. Our licensed tax attorneys & CPAs provide the necessary IRS audit representation to ensure your audit is settled, and avoid issues in the future.

Business Tax Help

Our goal is to help Dallas businesses succeed through personalized business tax help and consulting solutions. Whether it's rectifying tax filing issues and resolve payroll tax problems, or providing expert accounting and bookkeeping solutions, our team of business tax professionals are at the service of Dallas business owners to ensure their business stays on track for success.

Stop Wage Garnishment & IRS Collections

Once the IRS decides to seize your wages or assets, only a licensed Dallas garnishment lawyer has the power to stop the collection, and construct a viable plan to settle your back tax problems for good. Our tax attorneys have the ability to suspend any collections and settle your back taxes for good.

Filing Back Tax Returns

Just about any successful tax resolution case begins with rectifying un-filed or misfiled tax returns. In addition to our team of licensed tax law experts, we have a full staff of CPAs and Accountants that work together to bring our Dallas clients tax filing back into compliance.

Tax Penalty & Interest Abatement

As time goes on, back taxes will accrue harmful tax penalties and interest.  Fortunately, there are options for tax penalty abatement for Dallas taxpayers. Our tax professionals can construct a viable tax penalty abatement plan to reduce, or even eliminate your tax penalties.

International Tax Compliance

For Dallas area residents involved with foreign investing, assets, or business matters, we offer a full suite of tax consulting and compliance by licensed international tax attorneys.


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