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IRS Audit Representation for Dallas Taxpayers

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IRS audit representation is the solution for Dallas area taxpayers who have received an IRS audit letter. Nowadays, the IRS has streamlined the ability to identify, and audit taxpayers who are suspected of faulty tax returns.  If you have received an IRS audit letter, your first reaction was probably fear and dread. Over the past few years, the IRS hired thousands of agents and is seeking more than $1 billion in funding to hire up to 4,000 more agents to collect over $1.5 billion in tax revenue. So, enforcement activity of all kinds, including IRS audits, will be increasing.  If you are a taxpayer in Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, or any other Metropolitan Dallas community facing an IRS audit, we'd like the opportunity to help you better understand your situation, and our IRS audit representation options available for you.

What is an IRS audit?

An audit is when the IRS disputes some aspect of your tax return and seeks information from you to prove or disprove whether you reported and paid the correct amount of tax. All audits are not identical. Some audits are more intrusive than others.

The majority of IRS audits are correspondence audits. In a correspondence audit, you don’t meet with IRS agents, but instead you provide them with them information by mail. Still, the problem could be compounded depending on what you send and how you respond, so even in the case of a correspondence audit, it is best not to try to resolve your IRS tax problem on your own, but rather to seek IRS audit representation. Further, if you have IRS audit representation, it sends a message to the IRS that you’re serious about resolving your tax issue – whether you are right or the IRS is right about your tax return – in a professional way. Obviously, in the case of more intrusive field audits at your home or office, you absolutely need IRS audit representation by a tax debt attorney or CPA tax accountant with experience in resolving IRS audits.


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Remember, the IRS is not always right and sometimes people get picked by a random selection method, so once you get past the fear of having received an IRS audit letter, it’s essential for you to speak with one of our tax attorneys who specialize in IRS audit representation. For a FREE consultation about our IRS audit representation services in Dallas, contact us today!

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