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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions - Denton, TX

IRS back tax forgiveness Denton TX

Pure Tax Resolution works with Denton and Collin County taxpayers to negotiate convenient IRS back tax forgiveness programs to properly settle their IRS debt

From our Denton County offices, Pure Tax Resolution offers personalized and proven solutions to IRS tax problems of any kind.  We have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses across all Northern Dallas communities find convenient and affordable solutions to their tax burdens, reduce their tax liability, and offer sound consulting moving forward.  If you are a taxpayer of Denton or Collin County struggling with IRS back taxes and don't know where to turn, we are prepared to have a discussion with you today, free of charge, to discuss your options for effective and proven IRS back tax forgiveness and tax resolution.

Our firm was founded in 2008 by Tim Halcomb, who wanted to provide expert tax resolution built on customer service and results. With such a plethora of faceless tax resolution gimmicks on the market, we take pride in offering personalized service our clients can trust. With your financial future on the line with you or your business, you can rely on our in-house team of dedicated tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs to represent your best interests with IRS, and properly settle your IRS problems.



Convenient IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs For You..

IRS Installment Plan

When facing IRS back taxes, you have a great chance of qualifying for an IRS installment plan, where a licensed tax professional negotiates a monthly payment plan that is affordable and convenient for you.  This form of IRS back tax forgiveness will get you on track to settling your IRS debt, and keep the IRS from harassing you.  Our tax attorneys have helped hundreds of Texas taxpayers qualify for a convenient installment plan suited to their lifestyle, and will do the same for you.

Offer In Compromise (OIC) Plan

When you have a large sum of tax debt, in many cases the IRS is willing to negotiate a reduction in your tax balance.  This is called an Offer In Compromise, where a licensed tax attorney convinces the IRS to accept less than what you originally owe.  Our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the power and negotiation skills to achieve an ideal OIC IRS back tax forgiveness programs for Denton area taxpayers.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Plan

In more rare cases, a Denton taxpayer may have a large tax debt balance, but have extenuating financial circumstances where they are unable to pay their back taxes.  In these cases, the IRS may grant a Currently Not Collectible (CNC) back tax forgiveness status where the put a hold on your tax debt collection until you are financially stable.  This is the hardest IRS back tax forgiveness program to achieve, as it takes the proper conditions, and the expert negotiations of our licensed tax attorneys to present the proper documentation to the IRS.  If you are a Denton taxpayer facing a large tax debt liability and feel that you can't afford to settle it, contact us to see if you qualify for a CNC.

Other Tax Resolution Services We Offer

Tax Penalty Abatement

When trying to settle IRS back taxes, it's important to not let your tax penalties and interest grow out of control, as it can foil your plan to settle your tax debt. With a tax penalty abatement plan from the licensed tax professionals at Pure Tax Resolution, your tax penalties can be reduced, or even eliminated in some cases.


Licensed Tax Attorney Representation

When retaining our tax resolution services to settle your IRS debt, you will be equipped with the power of our tax attorney representation. Our team of licensed tax attorneys have the special privileges to negotiate with the IRS to find the ideal tax settlement for you, advantages that a CPA or Accountant cannot provide.

Solutions to Stop Wage Garnishment & Levies

Are you a Denton individual or business owner facing an IRS collection against your assets or wages?  We urge you to act now to stop wage garnishment!  When the IRS decides to target your assets and wages to satisfy your tax debt balance, you are looking at a very hazardous situation where your financial freedom is compromised.  We can stop wage garnishment and levies in their tracks by initiating a settlement plan with the IRS, and just as importantly, take the proper measures to settle your tax debt and avoid collections in the future.


IRS Audit Representation & Defense

IRS audits are very common for taxpayers across Denton and Collin County, individual or business variety.  Some may be harmless, where the IRS requests tax return documentation via mail. In some cases, IRS audits can be very intrusive, and originate from serious errors or oversights on your tax filings.  In either case, having the proper IRS audit representation by a licensed tax professional is vital to properly navigating the audit, and steering clear of additional tax problems.

Business Tax Services - Tax Resolution & Accounting

Whether it's settling a frustrating tax problem, or providing ongoing accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping, our full-service business tax services are a valuable resource to the hard-working taxpayers of Denton and Collin Counties. If you are experiencing business tax problems, let us resolve it.  Need help maintaining your bookkeeping, payroll, tax filing, and finances?  Our team of expert CPAs and Accountants can handle it all from A to Z, for a flat-rate, affordable fee.


International Tax Attorneys & Consulting

If you are a Denton-area resident with offshore assets, or are involved in international employment, you are subject to complex, and even hazardous tax regulations if not managed properly.  For your international tax compliance needs, our international tax attorneys and CPAs will help you stay compliant and avoid the pitfalls related to the complex arena of international tax reporting.

Full-Service IRS Back Tax Forgiveness & Tax Management Services for Denton Taxpayers

We take pride in being a full-service resource for Denton and Collin County individuals and businesses in need of IRS back tax forgiveness and all-around tax help.  For more information on our IRS back tax settlement plans and other tax resolution options, contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free, personal consultation.


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