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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness
Carrollton, TX

Are you a Carrollton or Dallas County individual or business struggling with IRS back tax problems?


Located in Carrollton, TX, Pure Tax Resolution serves the local community with honest, and effective solutions to IRS back taxes, plus any IRS problem that Dallas County individuals and business may be facing. Our dedicated team of tax resolution professionals represent our Texas clients with the IRS to not only reduce their tax liability, but settle it for good and avoid tax problems moving forward.

Founded in 2008 by Tim Halcomb, our firm was built on satisfying the specific needs of each client, and provide a unique approach to IRS back tax forgiveness that the faceless "1-800" tax gimmicks fail to deliver.  Our team of dedicated tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents work directly with each client and offer top-notch customer service with proven results.

IRS back tax forgiveness Carrolton TX


Convenient IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Plans Catered To You

If you are facing back taxes or any related tax problem, our tax attorney professionals will represent you and secure any number of affordable back tax forgiveness solutions to resolve your tax balance and keep your assets and wages safe

IRS Installment Programs

If you owe IRS back taxes, with the help of a tax resolution expert you can qualify for a convenient, affordable installment plan that will chip away at your tax liability and keep the IRS off your back. Depending on your financial situation, and the nature of your case, a licensed tax professional like our team of dedicated tax attorneys and enrolled agents can negotiate a settlement with the IRS to settle your delinquent taxes, keep the IRS from harassing you, and protect your assets and wages.


Offer In Compromise (OIC) Programs

Through the proper negotiation and representation channels, you many qualify for an OIC where the IRS agrees to accept less than what you originally owed in back taxes. To do this, you must be represented by a licensed tax professional (tax attorney) that can present your case properly and negotiate under the proper terms to achieve an OIC.


Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Programs

AKA a Hardship Determination, in some cases Carrollton taxpayers with significant back taxes can qualify for a CNC where the IRS puts a hold on your back tax collection. Naturally, you must be able to prove the necessary financial hardship to be eligible for this program, which can be done with the help of our licensed tax attorneys and tax resolution professionals.

Other Tax Resolution Services We Offer

In addition to helping Carrolton taxpayers secure programs to settle their back taxes, our team of licensed tax experts resolve a wide range of domestic and international tax problems.


Tax Penalty Abatement & Settlement Solutions

Tax penalties are the insult to injury to your already painful IRS back taxes.  Remember, time is your worst enemy when victimized by IRS back taxes, as the penalties and interest will continue to accrue until you pursue a tax settlement and tax penalty abatement. We have helped hundreds of Texas taxpayers reduce, or even eliminate IRS tax penalties through the proper tax penalty abatement strategies.


Licensed Tax Attorney Representation

For any back tax related issue, only a licensed ;tax attorney has the experience and power to negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf.  Whether an individual or business owner in the Carrollton area, it's crucial you pursue the legal representation of a tax attorney for your tax problems. Our team of dedicated tax attorneys are ready to represent your best interests and get results for you.


Solutions to Stop Wage Garnishment & Levies

As mentioned before, time is against you when facing back taxes. The longer you wait to settle your back taxes and penalties, the higher the risk of being targeted for an IRS collection in the form of a wage garnishment, bank levy, or lien.  If you are a Carrollton area taxpayer (individual or business owner) facing an IRS collection against your assets or wages, our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the power to stop wage garnishment and levies today, and construct an ongoing program to settle your tax problems.


IRS Audit Representation & Defense

When facing an IRS audit, it's vital to have a full understanding of how you came to be audited, and how to rectify it so you aren't targeted again.  IRS audits are minor in many situations, and in some cases the audit is very serious and can evolve into a very hazardous situation for you or your business.  With the help of our IRS audit representation services, you will have a team of tax attorneys and CPAs on your side to properly resolve the IRS audit, and avoid them moving forward.


Business Tax Resolution, Accounting, & Consulting

We LOVE helping business owners succeed, because as a business ourselves, we understand the hard work and dedication it takes to keep a business thriving.  It's important to have trustworthy and knowledgeable people in your circle that will help your business, and that goes for who handles your taxes and bookkeeping. We offer a full-suite of business tax resolution services for Carrollton taxpayers facing business tax problems such as payroll tax deliquency, or filing issues. In addition to a comprehensive variety of tax problem resolution methods, we offer a full-suite of bookkeeping, payroll, and tax management products for local business owners, for a flat-rate, affordable fee.  Our team of CPAs and Accounting professionals will construct a personalized tax and accounting plan to keep your business healthy and profitable!


International Tax Attorneys & Consulting

Our firm also works with local residents with offshore assets or are involved with international employment.  The international tax codes and regulations can be complicated compared to domestic tax laws, and our team of international tax attorneys and consultants can help you protect your offshore assets, and maintain healthy tax compliance for your international employment matters.



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