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Providing Garland area taxpayers professional relief for their tax debt and IRS collection issues

From our offices throughout the Dallas Metroplex, Pure Tax Resolution and our dedicated team of licensed tax lawyers and accounting professionals work with Garland individuals and businesses to settle their IRS problems for good.  Since 2008, our President, Tim Halcomb, has surrounded himself with experienced tax lawyers that provide results and customer service, a benefit that is hard to come by in the tax resolution industry these days.  If you are a local taxpayer of Garland or any other Dallas area struggling with IRS back taxes, penalties, or IRS collection problems, we invite you to contact our office today for a free consultation so we can get you the help you need.


Tax Problems We Resolve

As licensed tax professionals, our Garland tax lawyers have expert knowledge and experience exercising the U.S. tax codes in favor of our Texas clients.  Combine that with advanced negotiation skills, we can deliver proven results for any number of IRS tax debt problem Garland taxpayers may be facing...


IRS Back Tax Settlements

Back taxes continue to be a crippling problem for taxpayers across Texas, and taking the proper measures to settle them is crucial.  Licensed tax professionals, like our tax lawyers here at Pure Tax, have the ability to negotiate and secure any number of convenient IRS back tax forgiveness programs to reduce and settle your tax debt, and keep your assets and wages safe.

Tax Penalty Abatements

You can bet on tax penalties growing as your tax debt prolongs. Frustrating as they are, they can be negotiated down or eliminated with the proper help of our Garland tax lawyers. The process of resolving tax penalties and interest is called tax penalty abatement, and is a very popular solution we provide our clients in the Garland area.

Stop IRS Garnishments

Perhaps the most important service we provide is the ability to stop wage garnishments and other IRS collections. IRS collections are exercised against a taxpayer when a tax debt has matured over time without being addressed, and the IRS garnishes a portion of your paycheck (or seizes assets) without any regard for your livelihood.  This is a very serious matter as it cripples your financial and personal life, but can be addressed with professional help. Our team of tax lawyers have helped hundreds of taxpayers in Garland and across Texas stop wage garnishments immediately, and prevent them from occurring.

IRS Audit Help

Audits are a very common program the IRS uses to identify and monitor tax fraud, so having professional help is crucial to avoiding problems that can evolve from an audit. Some are harmless, some are very serious, either way, our licensed tax lawyers and accounting professionals can help you prepare for, and settle audits properly.

Business Tax Relief and Consulting

Consider us your go-to resource for business tax help and consulting, as our team of licensed tax lawyers and accounting professionals help with every aspect of your business. From resolving business tax problems like payroll tax issues, audits, or misfiled tax returns, or helping with financials like bookkeeping and accounting, we have a full-service team of tax pros helping Garland business owners stay compliant and profitable.

International Tax (FBAR, FATCA Lawyers)

Owning offshore assets like bank accounts, real estate, or any other investment poses many complicated issues in today's international tax arena.  Our firm also has professional international tax lawyers on hand, that can handle all offshore reporting matters like FATCA, FBAR and OVDP compliance for Garland area taxpayers that own, or will own offshore assets.  

Non-Profit (501c3) Origination & Compliance

We have experienced non-profit lawyers that help local citizens form and maintain 501c3 status. If you are a Garland or Dallas area resident with a vision for a non-profit, we are happy to speak with you today and offer an affordable solution to file for 501c3 with the state and IRS.



See How Our Garland Tax Lawyers Can Help You

We are proud to be a full-service resource for Garland area individuals and businesses for all their tax help needs.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation, you will get a dedicated tax lawyer on your side that will never outsource your case.  We look forward to serving you!

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